Think about it.

The idea of having privacy on the internet has long bothered me over the past year. The tech trend; iCloud, Google Docs, Skydrive, Twitter and Facebook leaves me concerned about what companies are trying to do with our digital identities. Google is in the business of selling information. What they do, they do well. Google uses operating systems like Android and Chrome OS to do what any advertising business should do; populate the market with their brand. I’m worried. My worry is not caused by the wonderful tools that come from this type of business and not by the publication of so much useful information. These benefits that Google brings are wonderful!  But by accepting the idea that sharing all information on the internet so quickly is very concerning. Education on how to protect yourself online is not a prominent subject in schools and many parents don’t understand the internet well enough to instruct their children on how to use the internet safely. To say it in metaphor, we as a society are like baby’s….using a chainsaw. What I mean is, our populous is using a tool that we know nothing about. My concern is that the majority of people are using tools on the internet without caution. People should not so easily be attracted by the words “free” and “open” as they are today. Free isn’t always beneficial and in this case I think our use of the internet in this way simply because it is “free” and “open” will one day kick us in the behind where we would not expect.

What do you think about online privacy? Leave a comment below Smile


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